Electrical and Pneumatic systems

The Falcon features extensive electrical and pneumatic systems.

From the pneumatic side, one standard pump fills two blue air tanks. Two circuits are plumbed off of the two tanks. The landing gear and loading ramp. Each is controlled by a round 2x2 brick connected to a pneumatic valve. One is located on each side of the docking arms. The pneumatic pump rotates out of the back of the fuselage to fill the reservoirs. When not in use, it stows, completely unseen.

One 9V battery pack powers all electrical systems. The battery is stored in the back of the hull. Three circuits are wired in parallel. Front headlights, 9v micromotor for rotating the quad laser cannons and a third to a LEGO sound element that makes laser sounds. Each of these features is controlled by a switch built into the hull as shown below by the red arrows. The third switch is on the front of the ship for the lights.

The back of the fuselage

Battery raised halfway and pneumatic pump ready for pumping.


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