The Interior of Falcon

Top hatches over the top of the Falcon open up to reveal the inside. I'm slowly adding more details. Here is what it looks like now. Each hatch locks down securely for flight. Another door to the left of the upper quad laser cannon opens up to access the upper gunner's chair.

An overall shot of the interior

Engine Room

The corridor to the cockpit. A small room house environmental controls and equipment.

Engineering station and electronics service bay.

Obi-One practices with a Lightsaber while R2 plays holo-chess.

R2 looking into the mechanical area under the floor in the forward hold

One of the smuggling compartments

Luke does some mechanical work while Obi-One checks the power level. R2 is hanging out in the other smuggling compartment.

The hallway to the cockpit. Towards the top of the picture is a medical bunk where Luke gets first aid after being rescued from Bespin.


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