Concussion Missle Launcher

A working concussion missle launcher was something I definitely wanted in my Falcon model.

Each missile is made of two 1x1 round bricks, one 1x1 cone brick stacked on a five stud long antenna for stability. The magazine holds five missiles. The minifig below is shown loading one of the missles. Missiles are launched by cocking a firing pin by rotating a small knob protruding from the far side of the fuselage. The firing pin locks in position. A spring-loaded slide mechanism loads one missile at a time into the firing chamber(Left most arrow below). A push-button(middle arrow), mechanically releases, and fires the missile. Range is about five feet. The firing pin is powered by a LEGO bungee cord from on of the bungee racer sets.

The cuncussion missle launcher. (The right most arrow points to the switch for the front headlights)


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