Falcon Landing Gear

Four landing gear are on my Millennium Falcon model. The real Falcon has either five or seven. Five in New Hope and Seven in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I went with four.

The landing gear are pneumatically powered by a single large LEGO pneumatic piston. The working geometry took a bit of trial and error. But it finally came together.

When the model is landed with the gear down and the air tanks pressurized, flipping the valve, round knob on the left side docking arm, the landing gear wants to raise up but can not because of the 15 pounds of weight pushing down. But as soon as you pick up the model, all four gear snap into the closed position nicely. The doors need to be manually closed. I tried a few ideas to link them but haven't figured out anything that would work reliably.

One landing gear fully extended

Raising into a stowed position...

All the way up.

The door closing...

And all the doors close up.

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