Table Top 80s Arcade Game - Made entirely of LEGO

Aside from the obvious electronics, everything is LEGO.  It uses a Jamma 48-1 board to play a variety of 80's arcade game including Pac-Man, Donky Kong, Space Invaders and many more.  

(click images for a larger view)

An overall view.  It's about 34" tall

Four pieces of 1/4" all thread run vertically through the courners to help hold things together in transit.  
Here, the control console is removed.  Top left is an ATX power supply.  Top right is the Jamma 48-1 PCB.  Lower portion is the control console (turned upsdie down) with push buttons and a switchable 4-way/8-way joystick.  (Some games  work better with 8-way joysticks, others with 4-way joysticks.)

The control console is held in with four technic pins hidden panels.  Some screws are used to hold the joystick in place,

No LEGO pieces were cut or altered to make this.
inside back
Here is a view inside the back access door.  The white cord on the top leads to two powered speakers for sound.