Ben's LEGO Millennium Falcon 
Aug. 1-7, 1999



It's done. After about 200 hours of work and at least four iterations. It's my hope that people will enjoy these pictures and find inspiration for their own models.

My quest for a LEGO Millennium Falcon started in 1977 after seeing Star Wars (episode 4) for the first time. My first model was a rather cumbersome affair made almost entirely of red bricks. A couple of years ago, I built another model of the Millennium Falcon with my life long collection of LEGO, but I still lacked the volume of pieces required to do it right. Then, after LEGO released episode 4-6 sets, I was inspired again. I've finally realized a dream that started over twenty years earlier.



At 85 studs long and 15 pounds, this is the largest Lego models I've ever built. Here is a list of the features included in the model:

Some notes on scale:

My falcon is based on having a cockpit section 8 studs wide and scaling the rest of the ship to match. Having done this, my model ended up 85 studs long. Is this to scale. Allow me to submit the following information based on the LEGO Y-wing and X-wing sets LEGO released in 1999.
  Length of model Length of 'actual' ship [1] Studs/meter ratio
Y-wing  46 studs long  16 meters  2.875
X-wing  34 studs long 12 meter 2.833

Now, given that the Millennium Falcon is 27.5 meters long[1], multiplied by 2.85 gives Lego Millennium Falcon a length of 78.5 studs, or 24.7 inches.

The Millennium Falcon I built was scaled based on a cockpit that is 8 studs wide.  Which drove the length of the model out to 85 studs(26.8") in length or 3.09 studs/meter.  While 8% larger, I consider that within acceptable limits.  Especially since there is much conjecture that in actuality, the Millennium Falcon is much larger than 27.5 meters based on all the interior shots of what is shown inside.  Some people even say as much as 40% larger.  And since my model is detailed in the inside with rooms, hallways etc, I justify the extra 10%.

Thanks and Links

Thanks go out to all those that provided encouragement.

The following web sites were very useful:

Derek's LEGO Millennium Falcon, one of my first inspirations.

dö´s LEGO-Millenium Falcon has great detailing, a super cool engine detail made out of trans-blue bricks and a very nifty way of pulling the model apart to access the interior.

Tim Ketzer has a great model of the Millennium Falcon made with more traditional materials.

And many others whose links are no longer active.